Combat Veteran Owned

Combat Veteran Operated


Our Vessel:
2017 Cape Horn 36XS
Powered by Triple Yamaha 300 HP engines

Come Fish With Us!

But also... give back to disabled veterans!

Catch, Clean and Cook! 


We pride ourselves on catching the fish our guests want to eat!  


It is not uncommon for our guests to tangle with formidable and delicious species, such as Red Snapper, Blackfin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Trigger fish, Grouper and more! 


These are some of the best tasting fish in the ocean!


Knotty Veteran Fishing Charters is not only equipped, proven and experienced to provide for a successful day of fishing, but with our local knowledge of these famed waters throughout the fishing season, you'll experience a trip that will have long-lasting memories!

We put you in the middle of the action on the Knotty Veteran, our 2017 Cape Horn 36XS powered by Triple Yamaha 300s!


But just as importantly we also take pride in... supporting our veterans!  


We set aside 10 percent profits from every paid charter to organize 100 percent free disabled veterans fishing trips.


We work diligently with local organizations to get support for our mission to put a smile on veterans’ faces who endure daily, physical, emotional and at times mental struggles or challenges. 

When you fish with us, you can feel good knowing you're also making a difference in the lives of those who fought and served our great country!

Ready to go?


Disabled Vet Amputee Reeling In A fish With The Help Of His Fellow Vets...


Wahoo Action Aboard The Knotty Veteran!!!!


Mahi Madness May 4th and 5th, 2021


Our Disabled Veteran Trip April 14,2021!
Made Possible By Your Booked Charters!!!
Thank YOU!


Why Dedicate Our Mission To Gifting Disabled Veteran Trips?

It's...  therapeutic!  :)

  • Soldiers leaving the military very suddenly lose their sense of belonging and purpose.

  • They have been a part of a unit that shares extreme experiences and who are bonded by their mission.

  • All of that camaraderie vanishes the moment you are discharged.

  • Disabled veterans wake up and their world is suddenly upside down.

  • The result is that these once-active team-members start isolating themselves, pushing people away--including close family members and friends.

  • The issue is compounded for disabled veterans who cannot as easily reintegrate back into daily life.

The Power of Community and Offshore Activity


  • For disabled veterans, a trip out to sea is an escape from the isolating environment of their home.
    Moreover, the new experience buoys them—lifts their spirits and gives them renewed confidence!

  • Additionally, joining other disabled veterans provides the camaraderie they’ve been missing.

    • It's important to socialize with others that have experienced similar extraordinary situations. 

This ONE DAY is the start of something new for these Veterans!

On the ocean with their community members, a cascade effect begins where they realize they are not alone, past experiences can be shared, and connection once again with fellow veterans can slowly develop with fellow veterans, and... the people closest to them!

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